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Welcome to the biggest laboratory of Natural Farming

Our farming methods practised since 2003, recognized by global agro leaders

Tona Organic Farm has been listed by Food Tank as one of the 28 most Innovative Livestock Farmers in the world who are Shaping the Future.

Agriculture has been surviving and thriving since ancient times and has evolved ever since its inception. Some innovations helped in improving the nutrient content in the vegetation and maintaining soil health. But some other innovations like chemical-based farming methods degraded the soil health and its productivity in the long run while achieving the short-term benefit of productivity.

We, at Tona, are building the future of sustainable agriculture and food safety. We are committed to our people, partners and planet. A holistic food safety perspective can unlock opportunities of growth and help experiencing a healthier life.

Our Expertise

All of us want to opt for Organic Farming methods, but are we getting it right?

Business Model for Profitability

We Integrated Organic Farming at two levels: Functional Level and Implementation Level to increase profitability.

Organic Food Production for Quality

We give attention to nurturing environmental health in organic production that pays off in terms of nutritional value.

Soil Science for

We strive to explore a variety of organic elements and methods to increase Soil Organic Carbon content that enhances soil health.

Organic Animal Husbandry for Productivity

We prefer animal well-being over productivity because what is good for the animal is beneficial and nutritious for us as well.

Vertical Organic Farming for Economies of Scale

We focus on achieving Economies of Scale using methods such as vertical and less water irrigation in soil-less vertical grid structures.

Empowerment Model for Transformation of Rural Economy

We aim to make agriculture more competitive, improve the quality of life in rural areas, and diversify the rural economy.

Sharing Knowledge

Learn the Technics and Methods of Farming Sustainably

As a group of farmers, a student in agriculture, a rural farm owner, a medium-sized agri-business owner, or even an urban dweller willing to develop your garden, everyone can adopt this approach and become quite profitable organic producers while contributing to a healthier ecosystem. We are offering three unique “Learning for Transformation” experiences for you, so that what we have gained over close to 25 years that you can achieve in two and half years.

Have a look!

Foundation Course For Sustenance (FCFS)

Suitable For: Urban Farming Enthusiasts | Healthy Living and Lifestyle Enthusiasts | Sustainable Agro-Business Enthusiasts | Existing Non-Organic Farmers | Agriculture Students 

Duration: 2 Days (Saturday morning – Sunday afternoon) on every weekend

Stay in the farm. Sweat with the farmers. Work with the fishermen. Learn how to handle animals. Know how nature’s wastes can be converted to nature’s bounty. Learn about frugal ways to practice vertical farming, waste management, hydroponic farming and get a feel of real organic farming.

Your limits will be tested and your patience will be challenged!

Fee: Rs 3,500 per person (incl. farm-stay with food)

Incubator Support For Entrepreneur (ISFE)

Suitable For: Farmers Producer Company (FPC) or Farmers Group switching to organic and natural farming

Duration: 12 months

Just like Start-up businesses are driven by individuals, FPCs are driven by Communities and they too require support from Incubators.

Tona Incubator Support For Entrepreneur (ISFE) program helps in developing right business plan, getting technical support for the product development, attracting investors, and training start-up members for skill development.

Fee: Rs 12,000 per month

Build Your Own Farm (BYOF)

Suitable For: Serious Aspiring Organic Entrepreneurs | Existing Non-Organic Farmers

Duration: 24 to 36 months

You would like to set up a sustainable organic farming business but why do you need to pass through the same recursive paths of failures, struggles and dealing with uncertainties. What Tona Organic Farm has achieved over close to 25 years that you can experience in two and half years or so.

Fee: Rs 12,000 per month

Transformation Journeys

Impacting Socio Economic Livelihood of Rural India
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