We care for your Health, We care for Nature’s Health

We aim at producing safe and organic food at an affordable price. Tona Organics is run by the farmers who are partners and producers.

Our Background

Started in 2003, Bio Diverse Farming Pvt. Ltd. is on a “Safe Food” mission, out of our primary farm at the Tona village in the Lauhati-Rajarhat area, which is just 20 km away from Kolkata International Airport. Our mission is to produce organic food at affordable prices to our customers with the help of committed farmers, who are engaged in ethical and earth-friendly farming practices with our intervention. 

Tona Organic Farm is one of the top 28 internationally acclaimed innovative organizations. We, at Tona, are building the future of sustainable agriculture and food safety.

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Our Products and Services

We are committed to our people, partners and planet. A holistic food safety perspective can unlock opportunities of growth and help experiencing a healthier life.

Tona Organic Products

Safe Food enable us to meet our physiological and psychological well-being goals.


Enabling agro-enthusiasts to build their own farms and become agripreneurs.

Healthcare & Hospitality

Come visit and stay in our farms; Live amidst the nature, live inspired by nature.
We have been researching on sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices for past 18 years. We aim to rediscover ancient, lost farming methods and infusing it with modern science and methods like Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Vertical Farming and Organic Animal Rearing.
Our efforts helped in achieving 70% of Tona village produces being chemical-free under the supervision of expert scientists and 100% Bio-waste recycling to create a sustainable ecosystem in our village with zero GHG emissions.
People and Society​
We aim at producing safe and organic food at an affordable price. Tona Organics is run by the farmers who are partners and producers. Their families are also our employees for each and every department. This helps in generating employment and also creates entrepreneurial opportunities, making village life sustainable and prosperous in the process.
Creating an example of how an industry can be developed without destroying the lives of farming communities and preserving the bounty of Mother Earth.

Fresh from the Farm

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Our initiatives towards Sustained Future


Tona Model of Organic Farming 

Organic Farming aims at attaining a non-toxic, sustainable and profitable model of farming .


Tona Healthcare for You

Healthcare measures must be proactive and the right food plays a major role in this mission.


Tona Subscription to Organic Households

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Tona Marketplace and Safe Food Network

We the biggest safe food network, join Tona Marketplace model to ensure healthy living.

Satisfied Customer Reviews

Look at what our customer’s have to say about our company.
Mousumi Bhowmik
Mousumi Bhowmik


"More than a year I am with Tona. After using Tona products my visit to Dr. is less than before. Me and my daughter is enjoying Tona products and suggest others to use this. Thank you Tona."

Arijit Chakrabarty
Arijit Chakrabarty


"Tona Organic Farm add new dimension to our daily routine for better living, splendid experience. Now, it becomes extended part of our family"

Tuli Roy
Tuli Roy


"The farm produce from Tona is more tasty than what we buy from the market. The vegetables, fish ,poultry and especially the ghee are worth buying. I highly recommend te use of Tona products .I am a user myself and I am satisfied not only with the products but also with your prompt home delivery service and courteous liaison. Thank you Tona!"

Manjima Dasgupta
Manjima Dasgupta


"Excellent products, good customer service, Tona has continuously managed to deliver a very pleasant experience ever since we bacame associated with them. The way they have mobilised the local farming community and convinced them to move away from chemical-based farming to adopting environment friendly and healthy farming practices, is certainly inspiring. A trip to their farm can prove to be an eye opener regarding what goes into what we eat, and how it affects us. Their continuous strive to improve their methods make them a role model for many. Wish them all the best for all their future endeavours."

Mukherjees and Duttas
Mukherjees and Duttas


"Tona Organic Farm helps us maintain a healthy and pesticide free diet. The food tastes much better when we use their produce. It is also ecologically better since they do not use chemical fertilizers. There is also much health benefits like lack of digestion problems and greatly reduced acid reflux."

Debarati Raychaudhuri
Debarati Raychaudhuri


"Being an yoga instructor and meditation educator I believe that …our physical body,mental body and energy body are the manifestation of what we eat…Thats why I am in search of right nutrition and right kind of food that is close to our DNA..Tona organic farm gives us the variety to satiate the body and mind both… Keep us safe from the toxicity of the modern world..thank you."

Anita Hui
Anita Hui


"I am quite happy with the produce of your farm. Customer service is very good too. I feel assured that what I am ingesting is free of harmful chemicals."

Tithiparna Sengupta
Tithiparna Sengupta


"So far, we, as a family, are extremely happy with everything - fish, fruits and vegetables - that we have purchased from Tona Farm. My father (a discerning critic of fish and an equally fierce opponent of online shopping 😊) is loving the fish brought online from Tona."

Prof Barnali Chakrabarti
Prof Barnali Chakrabarti


"Finding Tona organic farm, which is truly organic, basically acts as a revival of life of my 7 yrs old son who is battling bone marrow disease. Price is affordable, supply is on time and no negotiation with the quality of food and nutrients."

Divya Roy
Divya Roy


"I am a regular consumer of Tona meat and other products. There is a stark difference in taste and quality of the broiler chicken as compared to market chicken. The meat takes longer to cook(indicates older chicken and not hormone induced growth) , less water retention and more flavour. These are immediate benefits that I see, however the long term health benefits is the primary reason I have switched to Tona. Being a mother, I have seen detrimental effects of eating chicken with growth hormones on children. I am very thankful for the amazing work being done at Tona. I have also visited their farm and can proudly say their organic food philosophy has translated into ground reality."

Mousona Sarkar


"I was not a regular customer of Tona. My husband went through a critical disease and to cure him I need to boost his immunity and from there we started our journey with Tona. We can very easily distinguish Tona's products by their taste. We feel light by having their hormone less chicken. The best result for family is I can see my husband recovering so fast. Thank you team TONA."

Monique Sen


"Started using Tona Organic products when they first began in 2003 but stopped. But realising that health is important we have started purchasing Tona products which is pesticide free. We have noticed a stark difference in the chicken & fruits, puffed rice we buy from the market from the Tona products. We have noticed that Tona chicken is easily digestible & so are the other products Thank you Mrs Sen Gupta & Mr Ghosh for keeping up the good work."

Raja Das


"Nice produce. Very tasty and fulfilling. Delivery service is good."

Weekend Brunch @Tona

Timing: 8 AM to 12 noon, Saturday or Sunday morning, on every weekend

Take a short break. Relax in the Lap of Nature. Listen to birdsong, enjoy the greenery, and sit by the fish pond. Choose from exciting buffet combos prepared by our expert chefs with farm fresh vegetables, meats, fish, grains, pulses, and dairy products. Take a tour of the farm fields, food processing units, and animal shelters (cows, sheep, rabbits, turkey, poultry). Go for a walk around Tona village and soak in the rural atmosphere. Buy farm products as gifts for your family and friends before you head back home.

Come, enjoy Nature’s bounty, have a hearty meal, and return refreshed and inspired!

For more details, please visit our Blog page : BRUNCH@TONA 

Fee: Rs. 600/- per person.