Are you feeling jaded from the hustle and bustle of city life or the humdrum of your day-to-day work routine?

Need a short break to get away from it all and rejuvenate your mind and body?

Then head straight into the lap of Nature at Tona Organic Farm on a weekday or weekend morning for Brunch @Tona.

You will be welcomed by the early-morning chirping of birds, shady boughs of balmy trees, green fields and plant beds all around, a large fish pond, and a bunch of our staff who made it their calling to make Tona Organic Farm what it is today.

There will be seating areas to relax beside the pond, under the tree canopies, in the open fields, or inside the dining and conference halls.

And, of course, there’s going to be delicious, healthy food and cool, refreshing beverages to whet your appetite and quench your thirst. You can choose from a wide variety of dishes cooked by our expert chefs using farm-fresh ingredients. There’s organic chicken, lamb, goat, turkey, rabbit, quail, and several fish varieties to choose from if you prefer non-vegetarian food, including biryanis and kebabs. And a plethora of naturally grown vegetables that our chefs can prepare delectable dishes with e.g. shukto, dhokar dalna, chhanar kofta, etc.

In between, you can visit the shelters for the farm animals – cows, sheep, rabbits, turkey, and poultry – to see and learn about how they form an integral part of the organic farm.

Take a tour of the farm fields and the food processing units to understand the natural farming ecosystem and the underlying concepts of safe food.

Go for a walk around Tona village that surrounds our farm to soak in the soothing sights of tree-laden village pathways, large tracts of green fields, and the slow pace of rural life.

When its time to say goodbye and head back home as the Sun reaches its zenith in the sky, don’t forget to buy the freshest and healthiest of our farm produce and safe food products, whether for your family’s well-being or as gifts for your loved ones.

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Weekend Brunch @Tona

Timing: 8 AM to 12 noon, Saturday or Sunday morning, on every weekend

Take a short break. Relax in the Lap of Nature. Listen to birdsong, enjoy the greenery, and sit by the fish pond. Choose from exciting buffet combos prepared by our expert chefs with farm fresh vegetables, meats, fish, grains, pulses, and dairy products. Take a tour of the farm fields, food processing units, and animal shelters (cows, sheep, rabbits, turkey, poultry). Go for a walk around Tona village and soak in the rural atmosphere. Buy farm products as gifts for your family and friends before you head back home.

Come, enjoy Nature’s bounty, have a hearty meal, and return refreshed and inspired!

For more details, please visit our Blog page : BRUNCH@TONA 

Fee: Rs. 600/- per person.