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Organic Tona

Started in 2003, Bio Diverse Farming Pvt. Ltd. is on a “Safe Food” mission, out of our primary farm at the Tona village in the Lauhati-Rajarhat area, which is just 20 km away from Kolkata International Airport. Our mission is to produce organic food at affordable prices to our customers with the help of committed farmers, who are engaged in ethical and earth-friendly farming practices with our intervention.

 Tona Organic Farm is one of the top 28 internationally acclaimed innovative organizations. We, at Tona, are building the future of sustainable agriculture and food safety.

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Affordable Organic

Create an indigenous scalable chemical-free organic farming model that will drastically lower the cost of organic food

Healthy Mother Earth

Create a pollution-free farming ecosystem through a zero-waste and chemical-free farming practice

Farmers As Entrepreneurs

Engage local farmers as partners and employees, and transform poverty-stricken village life to a self-sufficient corporations


Nirmalya Ghosh
Dr. Sudeep Roy
Dr. Sonali Sengupta
Founder Director & Chief Scientist
Uday Bhanu Roy
Founder Director & Chief Innovator

Fresh Delights Delivered to Your Doorstep

Create a formal organic training ecosystem and make farming a lucrative and sustainable career option.