Tona Organic Health-Pro+

Why is it a must for every household?

Health epidemics like overwhelming rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes are sweeping across the world. Almost everyone is suffering nowadays from issues like deficiencies in iron or calcium or vitamin D or vitamin A, excess of bad cholesterol, or fatty liver and so on.

Yet, there seems to be more conflicting nutritional advice than ever before. Can you follow a ketogenic diet? Is veganism appropriate? Do you need to take supplements?

There is a plethora of food and medicine products, and different forms of so-called food supplements but none of that seems to be effective in reducing the suffering that has now become part of our daily lives.

We all know that if we get the right proportion of essential nutrients like varieties of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, and, of course, water, through our everyday food intake, then that is the ideal condition for our healthy living.

We also know that, in reality, almost every household is facing these major issues to varying degrees:

1) Eating More Junk Food

The modern food industry has discovered mechanisms to produce food at a lower cost, which frequently entails extensive processing. The majority of us eat meals that are hardly nutrient-dense, neither organic nor even fresh, and frequently laden with harmful ingredients like sugar, fat, and salt!

2) More Toxins in Our Food Than Ever Before

Our ancestors lived in a very different world than we do today. Today, we breathe in air filled with pollutants, eat food grown with poisonous fertilizers and pesticides, drink water devoid of any essential nutrients, and we haven’t even spoken about the intoxicants and other stimulants we put into our bodies on purpose! In today’s ever-changing world, our bodies require additional nutrition to tolerate and resist pollutants. The nutrients in our everyday food are not able to meet this challenge.

3) Genetically Modified Food With Less Nutritional Values

Through genetic manipulation like changing the color, weight, or even how long they can last on the shelf, there is a steep growth in production of vegetables and fruits with a sharp drop in nutrition value. What looks like a fat, delicious orange is often nothing more than sugar and water, and probably indigestible cellulose.

4) Even Our Water is Depleted of Minerals

Our water is devoid in minerals due to current water production processes and the extensive usage of filters. By contrast, humans had relied for ages on nutrient-rich water sources to provide the vital minerals their bodies require.

5) Soil Depletion Means Depriving Our Food of Nutrition

Modern commercial farming and overuse of powerful fertilizers is turning soil less and less nutrient-rich and lacking in the essential minerals that could be transferred to our food. The food we eat is only as good as the soil it grows in.

6) Long Distance Produce

With globalization, our food can travel a long distance before arriving at our doorstep. Sometimes, produce is harvested weeks or months before our purchase. Therefore, buying local, organic, and seasonal produce is our best option to ensure we get the maximum amount of nutrition!

7) People Today Don’t Absorb Nutrients Very Well

As we become older, we have a harder time digesting and retaining the nutrients we need. Especially with ageing, we take more medicines, which often interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food.

So, Why Tona Organic Health-Pro+ ?

Unfortunately, a so-called “good, balanced” diet is insufficient to promote health. When you combine bad dietary choices, over-processed foods, and terrible farming techniques, the nutrition we consume is quite subpar. Many people (particularly the elderly, vegans, alcoholics, and those with absorption issues) are not obtaining enough vitamins and minerals, or the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids through their regular dietary intake.

Tona Organic Health-Pro+ is a high-fiber and high-protein diet comprising a variety of millets (kodo, bajra, jowar), Bengal gram, peanuts, lentils, flaxseeds, and extracts of a range of medicinal plant parts like kulekhara, tulsi, pudina, bramhi, olotkambol, lojjaboti, lemongrass to name a few. If carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins do not reach the right level in our body through other meals of the day, you can have Tona Organic Health-Pro+ with milk or yoghurt or even just water. You can add seasonal fruits as desired along with honey or jaggery. Some of our customers also prefer to take it with dal and pickle.

Many foods are off-limits for those with diabetes, making it a difficult task to decide on the right diet. People with diabetes can manage their medical condition far better if they use Tona Organic Health-Pro+ daily.

Not only diabetes, more people today are plagued by an increasing number of diseases and at the root of it all are our daily eating habits and food choices.

Therefore, regular consumption of Tona Organic Health-Pro+ is an important step towards achieving optimal well-being in today’s challenging environment!

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