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Come visit our restaurants and enjoy our delicacies prepared with our fresh organic products.

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Our shop can even visit you at your campus. Ask our EV Farm on Wheels every week for a specific time.

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Mousumi Bhowmik
Mousumi Bhowmik


"More than a year I am with Tona. After using Tona products my visit to Dr. is less than before. Me and my daughter is enjoying Tona products and suggest others to use this. Thank you Tona."

Arijit Chakrabarty
Arijit Chakrabarty


"Tona Organic Farm add new dimension to our daily routine for better living, splendid experience. Now, it becomes extended part of our family"

Mukherjees and Duttas
Mukherjees and Duttas


"Tona Organic Farm helps us maintain a healthy and pesticide free diet. The food tastes much better when we use their produce. It is also ecologically better since they do not use chemical fertilizers. There is also much health benefits like lack of digestion problems and greatly reduced acid reflux."

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Weekend Brunch @Tona

Timing: 8 AM to 12 noon, Saturday or Sunday morning, on every weekend

Take a short break. Relax in the Lap of Nature. Listen to birdsong, enjoy the greenery, and sit by the fish pond. Choose from exciting buffet combos prepared by our expert chefs with farm fresh vegetables, meats, fish, grains, pulses, and dairy products. Take a tour of the farm fields, food processing units, and animal shelters (cows, sheep, rabbits, turkey, poultry). Go for a walk around Tona village and soak in the rural atmosphere. Buy farm products as gifts for your family and friends before you head back home.

Come, enjoy Nature’s bounty, have a hearty meal, and return refreshed and inspired!

For more details, please visit our Blog page : BRUNCH@TONA 

Fee: Rs. 600/- per person.